A brief breakdown of the options available to a coach (Head Coach and Assistant Coach)

Teams listed on the Coach Profile page are those attached to a coaches profile by the site's administrator as a team the Coach is either a Head Coach or Assistant Coach too.

Coach Profile page allows a Coach to edit the team's roster, edit the team's profile and Print a Team Roster.

Coach 1.0

Manage Team Roster

By clicking on the Manage link located under the Roster column coaches are presented with the options to add, edit or delete players from a team's roster.

Manage Roster 1.0

Players Admin

If the roster is currently empty no players will be listed.

Add a Player

To add a player click on the link Add a player to ...

Manage Roster 1.1

When the Submit button's been pressed a confirmation of the Player being added will be displayed.

Manage Roster 1.2

Edit a Player

When a roster is populated with players a coach can individually edit the players information (click on the icon). The very same information that was entered when adding the player can also be updated on the player edit page.

Delete a Player

A coach can also delete players from the teams (click on the icon). No player will be deleted until confirmed on a second confirmation page.

Printable Roster - (Print Roster 1.0)

By clicking on the Print link located under the Roster column coaches are presented with a printable team roster.

The sample roster shown below is only a small sample with a team of 4 players.

Print Roster 1.2

Edit Team

A coach can edit a team's basic information (click on the icon) on the coach profile page.

Team Edit 1.0

The one field which can not be edited is the team name. The team's name can only be changed by the site's administrator.